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RAD 126 – Hartebeest, Eland & Shamans

To my knowledge, these scenes have not been documented before. In the detail below left, very prominent, is the head and front torso of a mythical creature. Many times shamans would return from a journey into the spirit world and would speak of their encounters with God and other spiritual beings. The pigment, white, in many African cultures is symbolic of the spirit world which is also what drew me to document this scene.  The enlarged genitals on two of the human figures could allude to fertility and procreation. In the same panel, the detail, below right shows a spirit world figure with feathered wings, facial markings, lines emanating from the head and a lengthy penis. I have not seen an image like this before and it underscores the rich cosmology that was such an integral part of San life and belief systems.

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Original Artwork

Stephen’s original rock art documentary paintings are created using ancient pigment and paint making methods on acid-free, long fibre cotton canvas. This is a stable substrate for his paint mixes.
Each artwork is accompanied by a description of the specific rock art panel from where the frieze was recorded.

Signed & Numbered Canvas Print Collection

  • Each print is part of a limited, signed and numbered collection.
  • Stephen’s print collections are printed on premium quality canvas with archival inks
  • Size of canvas includes the 6cm cream border which becomes the mount
  • Enclosed with each print is a description of the frieze.

Mounted Prints

Each print is produced on high quality fine art paper with a cream mount. This makes them ideal for travel and gifts.

Shipping Information

  • Door to door shipping available within South Africa and worldwide.
  • Rate is calculated on completion of order and included in the invoice, which will be e-mailed to you.
  • Once payment is received, a tracking number will be provided to ensure shipments can be tracked.
  • Free shipping within South Africa for orders over R1000.00View of actual frieze on rock face
Ordering Options

Mounted Print, Original Artwork, Signed & Numbered Print Collection


Canvas size: 60cm(h) x 100cm(w), Canvas size: 66cm(h) x 113cm(w), Mounted size: 21cm(h) x 27.5cm(w)

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