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RAD 13 – White Net

This scene depicts what appears to be a white net, held upright by stakes. It is situated under a deep rock overhang near the bank of a river.

A small antelope, possibly a steenbok, runs towards the net which is attended by a male human figure. The protection afforded by the paintings position, deep in a small low-roofed cave has contributed to the preservation of the white paint, which is often fugitive on rock surfaces over time.

This image may well contain deeper symbolic or metaphorical meaning, but it also informs us about a hunting method employed by the San in mountainous regions such as the Cederberg.

The idea that rock paintings can best be interpreted in terms of the rich cosmology and religious beliefs of the people who did them is a strongly held view by contemporary researchers.

Rock paintings, apart from their intrinsic beauty, played an integral and crucial role in the life of these early communities. Through the paintings, communication with the past and the spirit world was possible. The rock surface was seen as a veil between the real world and the spirit world.

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Original Artwork

Stephen’s original rock art documentary paintings are created using ancient pigment and paint making methods on acid-free, long fibre cotton canvas. This is a stable substrate for his paint mixes.
Each artwork is accompanied by a description of the specific rock art panel from where the frieze was recorded.

Signed & Numbered Canvas Print Collection

  • Each print is part of a limited, signed and numbered collection.
  • Stephen’s print collections are printed on premium quality canvas and with archival inks
  • Enclosed with each print is a description of the frieze.

Mounted Prints

Each print is produced on high quality fine art paper with a cream mount. This makes them ideal for travel and gifts.

Shipping Information

  • Door to door shipping available within South Africa and worldwide.
  • Rate is calculated on completion of order and included in the invoice, which will be e-mailed to you.
  • Once payment is received, a tracking number will be provided to ensure shipments can be tracked.
  • Free shipping within South Africa for orders over R1000.00
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Mounted Print, Signed & Numbered Print Collection


Canvas size: 35cm(h) x 45cm(w), Mounted size: 21cm(h) x 27.5cm(w)

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