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RAD 115 – Liphofung 6

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The scene exists at about head height and measures approximately 33cm high x33cm wide in a cave that contains at least 50 other images.

It exists in close proximity to another frieze with highly decorated therianthropic figures. In this scene we see two antelope painted in yellow and white, overlaid by enigmatic human figures. These figures have long protrusions from their heads and a “ribbed” detail in the centre part of their torsos.

Prominent in this frieze is a highly decorated therianthropic figure with legs pulled up under the body and arms spread wide. This figure is painted with hairs raised around its body and almost certainly alludes to the spirit world and imagery that a shaman would have encountered in a trance state.

The scene was very faint on the rock when this recording was made and only through the use of image enhancement software was I able to discern more detail and have included this in this rendering of the frieze.


View from Liphofung rock art shelter


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Original Artwork

Stephen’s original rock art documentary paintings are created using ancient pigment and paint making methods on acid-free, long fibre cotton canvas. This is a stable substrate for his paint mixes.
Each artwork is accompanied by a description of the specific rock art panel from where the frieze was recorded.

Signed & Numbered Canvas Print Collection

  • Each print is part of a limited, signed and numbered collection.
  • Stephen’s print collections are printed on premium quality canvas and with archival inks
  • Enclosed with each print is a description of the frieze.

Mounted Prints

Each print is produced on high quality fine art paper with a cream mount. This makes them ideal for travel and gifts.

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  • Door to door shipping available within South Africa and worldwide.
  • Rate is calculated on completion of order and included in the invoice, which will be e-mailed to you.
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Canvas size: 55cm(h) x 55cm(w), Mounted size: 21cm(h) x 27.5cm(w)

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