STB Rock Art



Ukhalhamba Drakensberg Park
World Heritage Site

“Waterfall Shelter spans the distance of about 44 meters and is situated in the picturesque Moor River Valley. The rock art is above head height and can be occurs on the face of the rock, just behind the waterfall. The depth of the shelter extends about 10m into the mountain and becomes narrower. To reach the back of the shelter, one needs to move slowly forward on hands and knees.

It takes about 40 minutes of walking along a mountain path to reach Waterfall Shelter from Kamberg Rock Art Centre in the Ukhalhamba Drakensberg Park, World Heritage Site.

Stephen’s team of assistants comprised of porters and a registered rock art guide, who were resided in a village nearby. Information is shared with travellers who visit the Kamberg Rock Art Centre to see the rock art sites, on the importance of rock art conservation and preserving this fragile legacy.”

Panel of rock before graffiti removal
Panel of rock after graffiti removed
Panel of rock before graffiti removed
Panel-of rock after graffiti removal
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