STB Rock Art



Ukhalhamba Drakensberg Park
World Heritage Site

“On top of a mountain ridge exists this spectacular shelter, which has become one of the most famous rock art sites to visit in South Africa. Founder of the Rock Art Research Centre in South Africa, Prof David Lewis-Williams refers to it as the “Rossetta Stone” of South African Rock Art. It earned this name from one of the panel which depicts a human holding the tail of an eland

The length of the shelter is about 66 meters wide in total and it boasts at least 25 different rock art scenes, all painted in fine detail and amazingly still clearly visible.

It takes an hour and a half walking along a mountain path to reach Game Pass Shelter from Kamberg Rock Art Centre in the Ukhalhamba Drakensberg Park, World Heritage Site.

Stephen’s team of assistants comprised of porters and a registered rock art guide, who were resided in a village nearby. The registered rock art guide takes visitors to the shelter daily and explains the importance of enjoying and appreciating the art heritage without causing harm to it.”

Porters hired to assist
Panel of rock before graffiti removed
Panel of rock before graffiti removed
Stephen viewing scene of hunter holding tail of eland
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