STB Rock Art




Award: The book won second prize in the Noma book award for publishing excellence in Africa

A visual record for posterity of one of South Africa’s most valuable cultural treasures. Each colour plate represents a meticulously painted recording by Stephen Townley Bassett of a rock painting from South Africa. These recordings have been painstakingly rendered with natural pigments and materials collected in the field and are the results of months of on-site labour accurately recording what appears on the rock face. The plates reveal a wealth of detail and imagery that is sometimes faded and not clearly visible to the untrained eye or through photography alone. The author shares his experiences in the field and describes methods and techniques pertaining to implement use and painting that were very likely practised by Stone Age artists of the region. Information is given on the age of the rock paintings, and captions to plates provide possible interpretations of their meaning. Site photographs establish a sense of place and give an idea of the context in which particular artists worked. The volume is further enriched by essays from leading researchers commenting on particular paintings from a range of perspectives, thus providing valuable insights into modern thinking in rock art interpretation.

This stunning pictorial celebration of South Africa’s rock art heritage is a magnificent permanent record of one of humanity’s oldest – and most vulnerable – artistic achievements.

All new books have been sold. Pre-owned books in good condition are available to purchase from the artist, signed by Stephen. Price: R1200.00 to R2200.00 each, depending on condition of the book. Size: 30cm(h)x29cm(w). Description of book: Hardcover with dust jacket.

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